LAYLAC,PalestinianYouthActionCenterfor Community Development, is happy to announce its launching of many new programs, and the new associations that are already in action! We are not only launching new programs, but are excited to announce the construction our new guest house.

LAYLAC has been working vigorously to construct programs that maintain our vision of mobilizing the youth sector and empowering the marginalized to have agency within their own community. We are developing projects through a process of democratic and participatory management that is transparent and accountable, providing a strong model of the good governance. Through integration and reciprocity between the individual and collective causes that work with different sectors on local, national and international development we have influenced an intensive process that creates an environment that is open to all opinions and visions. As said by Ghussan, coordinator of The Youth Cultural Project, during our last group coordinator meeting, “The reason why I chose to do my projects with LAYLAC  is because I can be free to speak my opinion. This is a place where you can have a vision without politics.” LAYLAC creates an open and safe space for creativity and discussion with the intention to empower the youth sector to be involved in the development of their community.

LAYLAC project proposal process encourages the coordinators of our projects to be democratically voted in by the project. These coordinators ages can range from 18-35 years of age. Once the coordinators are decided, they must present their projects to LAYLAC and the other project coordinators. This is not only for the management of LAYLAC, but so all projects are transparent and accountable to everyone involved, making discussion open for all inputs and questioning of ideas. This process influences open dialogue on how to most effectively and appropriately engage with the children and youth participants, creating a safe environment for new volunteers, the coordinators, management and, most importantly, the participants of these projects. These projects are highly organized and thought out on how to help empower the youth sector and the marginalized, creating peaceful and creative development within our community.

These projects include:

1)   Children’s Empowerment Program:

This program is based on alternative education to help children from 10-18 years of age to learn how to better communicate with each other and build their leadership skills. We feel that youth have the right and entitlement for active participation in making the decisions and formulating the policies influencing their present and future well being. This project will help the children self-advocate for their rights and entitlements and inspire them to contribute to the development of other marginalized individuals, groups, local communities and sectors.  The children in this project will be learning “how to make something from nothing”.

2)   The Art Corner:

This program targets youth with artistic abilities and teaches them techniques to help develop their skills. They will hold a workshop in the near future with the goal of holding an exhibition.

One of the Art Corner’s main programs is The Mosaic Project. This project targets youth with both abilities and the passion to continue through the intensive trainings. The program can hold up to 10 participants that will receive all the materials needed and have the ability to keep their frames. Each participant will make three frames and hold an exhibition. One of this project’s options will be display their frames in the LAYLAC office to be sold to visitors, both generating feedback for the artists and the organization itself.

3) The Theater Program: This project has three generations of participants and programming. This theater group is best known for their production of the play “Key and Life”. They have a rich history of doing many kinds of plays from short self-directed plays in Beit Jala to larger productions with 3 month intensive trainings with internationals. One of their projects was coordinated with the 22 different Arab countries. Now, we are happy to announce that they have joined LAYLAC and will start holding workshops with the intention to hold a play in the near future.

4) Video Project: This project has worked with the French organization, Regardevous, to train on how to make short films. This project is looking forward to make more films of the Palestinian situation with the intention to share and educate the international community.

5) The Children Cultural Project: One of the main goals for this project is to give children a safe and positive environment to learn about culture and empower them to play a more efficient role in the socioeconomic development and wellbeing of their communities and Palestinian society at large.The intention is to make this education more accessible, creating more informed and highly developed children through a normal and safe environment.  This project has two sections. One section teaches children on cultural subjects in general. The 2nd part will teach specific cases of the Palestinians. All of this is conducted through book groups and informed discussions. The project will also encourage children to write their own pieces for these discussion groups, giving them agency within their environment and educational process. This project feels that to be the most effective in the development of your community, one must be culturally informed in democracy, politics, Palestinian history, etc. and intends to provide an open space to do that with the children of our community.

6) International and Local Relations Project: This project links the LAYLAC Organization thought and structure throughoutBethlehem,Palestine, and outside. Launching our ideas from our belief in the importance to be part of the society, connecting people in all the historicalPalestine, and sharing with the community their interests and preoccupations. We are also working on the international level trying to educate them onPalestine and its details through their own eyes. The goal is to make decisions and projects together creating a coalition of common issues many people and organizations can speak out about. This project works on both and local and international level.

7) Media Project: We are excited to introduce our new and interactive website! We have been working vigorously on producing a multi-media, well informed and up to date website. We have a hard working team and help from international volunteers in making this website both accessible and easy to use for the local and international community.  .

8) Guest House:

One of LAYLAC ‘s exciting new projects is the planning and construction of a guest house. This guest house will not only make the organization more accessible and efficient at hosting international volunteers, but will also be generating income that will help sustain LAYLAC projects and the organization itself. It will consist of 2 bedrooms for 12 people, and a computer center and an art workshop.

Videos / Photos

Painting Activity Hip Hop Program with Musicians Without Borders   بالتعاون مع “موسيقيون بلا حدود”.. مشروع لتطوير مواهب الاطفال الفلسطينين   At Laylac  we tell you “Welcome as a Guest leave as a Friend”

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