Jul 13

Laylac needs you!


The 10th of July 2014

Dear friends and futur chums,

Laylac is an association located in Dheisheh, a refugee camp next to Bethlehem. Our main purpose is to encourage the Youth to commit themselves in the Palestinian society. To do that, we are proposing activities often led by the youth themselves around different thematics such as art, culture, media, history, geopolitics, etc. Our association is composed of 30 volunteers who lead animations in Dheisheh while supporting Palestinian cause.

But unfortunately, our association is confronted to high financial hardships mainly because we refused the help of some organizations we don’t agree with politically speaking. We want to continue our actions independently in order to be effective and coherent in our struggle for the emancipation of Palestine.

That’s why we are looking for new financial partners, monthly donors if possible, to be able to carry on projects in the long run. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on our activities, history, vision, or other information you may request. We need your help! Thank you for reading!


Naji Owdah,

Director of Laylac

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